Zuckerberg urges EU to outpace chinese model & push digital platforms regulations based on western democratic values

posted 3 months ago
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called on the European Commission (EC) to regulate online platforms with a Western (Democratic) set of values and leave the Chinese (centralized) model behind. Zuckerberg delivered his comments during a conversation with Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for Internal Market. The framework he referred to is the European Union Digital Services Act expected to be issued later this year. The document contains a set of safety rules for digital platforms, services, and products.

The new regulations would affect digital advertising, online harm issues, including hate speech, and copyright infringement, as well as misinformation, child exploitation, terrorism, incitement of violence, among other things. The document suggests that “algorithms for automated filtering technologies” should be considered for better “transparency and accountability.” Zuckerberg went on to say “It might be attractive in different ways to force everyone to localize data and make it that, basically, you don’t have to respect human rights quite as much. I just think that that’s really dangerous and I worry about that kind of model spreading to other countries. I think the best antidote to that is having a clear regulatory framework that comes out of Western democratic countries.”
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