User friendly Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet launches in Australia

posted 6 months ago
A partnership to roll out Bitcoin payments using the Lightning Network, across Australia, went live January 4th with the Wallet of Satoshi beta launch. The product of payment gateway Living Room of Satoshi (LRS) and TravelbyBit, billed as “Australia’s first cryptocurrency travel agency,” the wallet aims to bring Lightning payments to entry-level Bitcoin users

Wallet of Satoshi’s developers created a Lightning wallet with a user interface, which could make it simple to send and receive payments. Wallet of Satoshi is currently only available to 1000 beta users, prior to a full release “in the coming weeks.” TravelbyBit meanwhile announced it had brought LN payments to all its Point of Sale merchants in Australia, which include Brisbane Airport. In October, exchange Binance invested $2.5 million in the company.
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