US Marshals to auction $4M in Bitcoin next month

posted 7 months ago
The US Marshals have announced a plan to auction off about $4 million worth of Bitcoin next month. The sealed bid auction is for 660 Bitcoin that were forfeited in federal criminal, civil and administrative cases. Scheduled to start on Nov. 5th, the auction requires would-be bidders to deposit $200,000 after registering their identification with the agency no later than Oct .31st.

The agency indicated some of the assets in the auction include bitcoin forfeited in several recent cases such as the US government's lawsuits against bitcoin traders Theresa Tetley and Thomas Mario Costanzo – both sentenced to jail on charges of Bitcoin money laundering. The planned auction comes just months after the US Marshals sold over 2,100 Bitcoin and 3,600 Bitcoin in March and January, respectively, an amount totaling to more than $50 million at the time.
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