US income tax payers can now get their refunds in Bitcoin through Bitpay

posted 6 months ago
Income tax payers in the US now have the option to receive their federal and state refunds in Bitcoin. Payment processor Bitpay partnered with US-based tax service company Refundo. Users will have to submit KYC documentation, as well as a Bitcoin wallet address. The IRS sends the refund to Bitpay who sends the Bitcoin to the customer.

The service primarily targest the underbanked community with faster payments and lower transaction fees. Refundo CEO Roger Chinchilla said “Adding Bitcoin was a natural fit for our customers who often do not have traditional checking accounts, pay high check cashing fees and regularly send money internationally. CoinRT enables them to get bitcoin quickly and easily for one flat fee.” Refundo’s website says the CoinRT service costs $34.95 per payment, while BitPay normally charges 1 percent for its service.
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