US Government quarantines all US Dollar bills arriving via any commercial airline from Asia

posted 4 months ago
This past Friday, a US Federal Reserve bank spokeswoman officially stated that all physical dollar bills coming from Asia, for example, on commercial air flights, are being quarantined due to Corona-virus, as the Federal Reserve is putting extra precautions on money coming into the United States. The new procedures "provide for a longer holding period" for currency coming from anywhere in Asia, "before the deposits will be processed.” The Fed also said it is “prepared to implement additional modified procedures” and "always has a contingency stock of new currency that can be circulated to the public should the need ever arise."

The World Health Organization also cautioned consumers on the risks posed by currency notes, advising everyone to use contactless payments whenever possible. Dollar bills are also said to be filthy, a 2014 study by researchers at New York University identified 3,000 types of bacteria on dollar bills due to how widely and frequently they change hands.
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