US Gov sanctions 2 Bitcoin addresses of "Iran based criminals"

posted 8 months ago
The US government just imposed sanctions (a first of its kind action against accounts in a digital currency network) on two Iran-based individuals it said helped change ransom payments made in Bitcoin to the local currency. The US authorities labeled “Terrorism and Financial Intelligence” said: “We are publishing digital-currency addresses to identify illicit actors operating in the digital-currency space. Treasury will aggressively pursue Iran and other rogue regimes attempting to exploit digital currencies and weaknesses in cyber and anti-money laundering/countering financing of terrorism safeguards to further their nefarious objectives.”

The state agency said that digital-currency addresses should assist compliance officers in identifying transactions and funds that should be blocked and investigated. These 2 addresses processed over 7,000 transactions in Bitcoin worth millions in USD. Some of those bitcoins were derived from payments made to attackers that used the SamSam ransomware to attack more than 200 victims.
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