Unbanked Iranian university students in UK use Bitcoin to pay tuition

posted 6 months ago
Iranian students in the United Kingdom have turned to Bitcoin as a tool to circumvent the economic sanctions placed on their country. Parsa Sadat, a law student at the University of Reading, is among the Iranian students who can't pay their tuition fees, mostly because Iran was hit with sanctions by US President Donald Trump last month.

The sanctions made it nearly impossible for them to pay their tuition. While Sadat's family has the wherewithal to pay for his tuition, he is unable to get the required funds as the US imposed sanctions have disrupted cash transfers out of Iran. One of Sadat's lecturers, Professor Mai Sato, was of the opinion that it was dangerous for Sadat to transport such large sums from Iran to the United Kingdom, urging the university to speak up against the injustice that was being meted out to the students. Reportedly, hundreds of students are affected by the banking restrictions, but some of them are now using “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in order to get money” from their family back in Iran.
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