UK cell service provider Vodafone includes Bitcoin in new ad, after exiting Libra project last month

posted about 2 months ago
UK-based cellular provider Vodafone recently showcased Bitcoin in their German advertisement on Feb 17th, and the ad debuted on the company’s Facebook page. It’s worth noting, Vodafone left the Libra Association earlier this year, and was once willing to pay $10 million to run a Libra node. After Libra's regulatory entanglement, Vodafone and other companies walked away.

Considering the debut of a Bitcoin-centric Vodafone ad on the company’s Facebook profile, and that Vodafone said it’s trying to focus on: creating financial inclusion in developing economies, it's possible that it sees BTC’s open source and permissionless nature as the way forward. After observing the red tape facing Libra, Vodafone may be realizing that the leading cryptocurrency is a better option.
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