Tyler Winklevoss: Crypto will become crucial to your everyday life the way email is

posted 6 months ago
American Bitcoin investor and founder of Winklevoss Capital Management Tyler Winklevoss said “Today, crypto is still a niche technology and a form of money. It is not crucial to your everyday life the way email and other web applications are, but our thesis is that this will change — it’s already changing if you look close enough.

Crypto makes decentralization possible... the empowerment of the individual. Within this decade, crypto will redesign the Internet, the financial system, and money in a way that fosters and protects the rights and dignity of the individual. Crypto will work because it is too fair to ignore. When given the choice, you will choose more freedom, not less. And that’s why you, and everyone else, will choose crypto. Here’s to the 2020s...the future is you.”
Tags: opinion, bitcoin