Trading platform Swissquote partners with Bitstamp to introduce Bitcoin trading to customers

posted 10 months ago
Swissquote, the Swiss leader in online banking, which specialises in providing online financial and trading services and Bitstamp, the EU's first and only licensed digital currency exchange, today announced that they will be partnering up. Swissquote will commence with BTC trading with EUR and USD on its platform, with Bitstamp providing a full-stack solution for all of Swissquote's requirements.

This partnership between Bitstamp and Swissquote represents an important step forward in the integration of the traditional financial and bitcoin worlds, harnessing their synergies to the benefit of the end user. Swissquote will introduce bitcoin trading for its customers, and Bitstamp's role will be to provide a full-stack solution for Swissquote's needs.

This is just the latest in a series of indicators that traditional financial institutions are recognising bitcoin's potential and that they need reliable and regulated partners to work with.

Swissquote customers are able to trade BTC/EUR and BTC/USD as of today. In the future, both companies plan to expand their partnership as Bitstamp brings Swissquote's range of services closer to its customers. This news is a key development for the Bitcoin industry since it paves the way for traditional financial institutions to participate, but without compromising on regulation, transparency and trust.
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