The risk of a catastrophic US Bitcoin ban is now past: Grayscale CEO Barry Silbert

posted 3 months ago
As Bitcoin is gaining broader support on Wall Street and in Washington, the chief executive of major Bitcoin investor Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, said he thinks the risk of a "catastrophic" US Bitcoin ban is a thing of the past.

"For the first time ever, we're past the 'ban Bitcoin' perceived risk," Silbert said, adding he's "cautiously optimistic" the crypto regulatory landscape in the US to either improve or remain the same. "There's enough support among policy makers and regulators that Bitcoin has a right to exist and you can't shut it down," Silbert said, pointing to the work being done by the likes of Coin Center, a Washington-based non-profit Bitcoin research and advocacy group. "The industry is doing well and we're much better off than we've ever been from a relationship perspective thanks to the work being done to educate policy makers of the benefits of this asset class. The catastrophic policy risk is behind us."
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