The Deputy Chairman of Russia’s CB: Instant blockchain disruption a "myth"

posted about 6 years ago
Speaking at a banking conference that focused on Russian banks in the 21st century Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia – Olga Skorobogatova weighed in on the notable interest surrounding blockchain technology by those in the financial industry.

Skorobogatova underlined 2015 as the year that saw an “explosion” of interest in distributed ledger technology. However, she then stated that regulators and companies who were observing the innovation discovered risks and imperfections.

It would take an additional 3-4 years to study and understand the technology, Skorobogatova argued.

It is to be noted that Skorobogatova isn’t a critic of blockchain technology. To the contrary, the Deputy Chairman has previously stated that blockchain technology could transcend its potential beyond bitcoin, by proving to be a distributed storage of data.
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