Thai government agency develops blockchain tech for elections voting

posted 6 months ago
A Thailand government agency has developed a blockchain-based solution that’s set to digitalize elections voting in the country. Thailand’s National Electronics & Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), a unit of the Ministry of Science and Technology, developed the system for blockchain-based voting & is looking for trial partners.

Chalee Vorakulpipat, head of the cybersecurity laboratory at NECTEC said “Nectec developed blockchain technology for e-voting that can be applied to national, provincial or community elections, as well as business votes such as the board of directors. The goal is to reduce fraud and maintain data integrity.”

At this stage, the agency is looking to test the blockchain system on a smaller scale, such as elections in universities, provinces & communities, & is seeking partners for the test. For large-scale implementation, such as for general elections, the agency will require more time as “every voter needs to have an affordable mobile internet connection & identity verification.”
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