Stock brokerage EF Hutton to launch crypto reports for "confused" investors

posted 11 months ago
US stock brokerage EF Hutton is hoping to educate investors interested in, but "confused" by, cryptocurrencies. The company plans to publish research reports that will delve into into cryptocurrencies, specifically focusing on Bitcoin, Litecoin, and a few others. The reports will include a daily crypto market update, 1–5 star ratings for specific tokens and an equity research report on firms operating in the space.

Christopher Daniels, EF Hutton's chief executive, indicated that the move is aimed at educating investors, saying: "A great many investors are confused by the rapid developments in this new asset class. They know they can trust EF Hutton to guide them and to inform them about developments in this asset class. This is the first of many initiatives we are taking that adds value for our clients and customers." The release stated that a small percent of US investors hold cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but claimed "many investors are interested." The new research reports will be available on a monthly subscription basis, with three plans available.
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