Sony developed blockchain-based system for education data

posted 11 months ago
Sony Corporation and Sony Global Education (SGE) have developed a system that will apply blockchain tech to the field of education. By using "technology that makes mutual use of educational achievements and activity records in an open and safe way," this system centralizes the management of data from multiple educational institutions and makes it possible to record and reference educational data and digital transcripts.

The newly developed system comes with functionality that records information in a difficult to falsify way and controls access to recorded information, making it possible to reliably disclose information to authorized third parties.

Sony Global Education will build on this system to construct a foundation for new educational and learning services where multiple educational institutions will be able to make use of its data. This system is built on IBM Blockchain, which is delivered via the IBM Cloud and powered by Hyperledger Fabric 1.0, a blockchain framework and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation.

It brings together, a function that authenticates and controls usage rights to educational data; and an application programming interface for handling these rights aimed at educational institutions.

Currently, in educational institutions that operate ICT systems, operational management is carried out by "Student information system" comprised of students' school registrations, attendance, grades, and educators' lesson planning management, and "learning systems" made up of all educational content as well as students' learning records, results, etc.

By using the newly developed system, operators can safely integrate and connect previously gathered data as is from "Student information systems" and "learning systems," even if that data came from different providers.
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