[SCAM ALERT] Kraken phishing warning

posted almost 6 years ago
In a recent blog post cryptocurrency exchange Kraken warned customers that they have received many reports lately of clients falling victim to phishing sites appearing in the ads, above the organic search results, of all of the major search engines.

"Unfortunately, it seems to be easier to get an ad up than it is to have one taken down. Our efforts at reporting the malignant ads have, so far, only resulted in temporary removal. The matter is now in the hands of our legal team, who are seeking a more permanent cure",- said in company statement.

Clients who have reused their Kraken password on their email accounts (and other services) likely have had those accounts compromised as well. If an attacker also has control of your email account, you will not receive alerts about the suspicious activity on your Kraken account. This is why it is imperative that passwords not be reused across services.
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