Santader's report: Bitcoin threatens credit card issuers and suppliers

posted about 7 years ago
On August 23 Brazilian affiliate of Spanish bank Banco Santader S.A. hosted a meeting between Mercado Bitcoin—the largest bitcoin brokerage company in Latin America—and local investors. During this meeting participants prepared sector report and predicted which kind of impact will have bitcoin on financial ecosystem sectors:

1. Acquirers and issuer banks (negative impact). These companies could be materially affected by acceptance of bitcoins, as its entire business model could be challenged — net MDR and POS revenue would be at risk, and the same applies for the interchange rate that issuer banks charge.
2. Card brands (positive impact). Visa, Mastercard, and other brands could benefit if the blockchain model can lower transaction, IT, and back-office costs.
3. Card suppliers (slightly negative impact). These companies could be negatively affected by acceptance of bitcoins, although to a much smaller extent, due to the reduced number of physical cards if the bitcoin concept prevails over credit and debit cards. The same applies to POS manufacturers.
4. Exchanges (slightly positive impact). At present it is difficult to assess the potential impact on exchanges, although participants understand that once a particular virtual currency emerges as the most acceptable one, it could be traded in exchanges, thus increasing revenue from FX and
derivatives trading.
5. Brazilian banks (positive impact). The first reading is positive, due to the potential for significant cost savings.
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