Samourai wallet launches privacy enhancing CoinJoin feature

posted 11 months ago
Samourai Wallet launched a beta version of Whirlpool, a CoinJoin service that enhances transaction privacy. Whirlpool is said to operate on Dojo, a much awaited Bitcoin node built to work with the wallet. This added feature disassociates crypto senders and their recipients, and makes it difficult to track the financial exchange.

CoinJoin is a process of anonymization that utilizes various privacy-enhancing software tools. Chaum blind signatures are used to allow the entry and exit of a transaction to be hidden by grouping along with scrambling it with a collection of concurrent transactions. The Whirlpool framework is a fully modular CoinJoin implementation that has been developed through a “heavily modified” fork of the ZeroLink theory, according to the company.
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