Russian nuclear plant sells electricity to Bitcoin miners

posted 3 months ago
A Russian state-owned atomic energy corporation opened a mining farm 200 miles NW of Moscow, near the Kalinin nuclear plant. The company spent more than $4.8 million building the 30-megawatt facility. It won’t be mining itself, but only selling the electricity to miners. The head of ‘Data centers and Digital products’ at Rosenergoatom, Sergei Nemchenkov said "Both data centers and miners are large energy consumers with a stable demand. For us, it's a way to diversify."

Rosatom is the first big government-related entity to embrace miners in Russia, the world's 11th largest economy, according to the IMF and the World Bank. And with plans to eventually open 240 megawatts or more of its power from several locations to the industry, the company could become a notable player on the global market.
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