Russian business ombudsman proposes the creation of Bitcoin and blockchain friendly region in Crimea

posted about 1 year ago
Boris Titov, a Russian business ombudsman, has proposed the creation of a region in the Crimea similar to the Cryptovalley in Zug, Switzerland for funding cryptocurrency and blockchain organizations. Titov said this during the Russian forum “Blockchain: dialogue between business and the authorities.”

“Maybe we can make a Crypto Valley in Crimea,” Titov said.

Titov has proposed such a project in the Crimea, a region that has been the center of a conflict between Russia and the Ukraine that has drawn sanctions by numerous countries, including the United States.

The creation of Cryptovalley in Crimea could help solve financial problems related to sanctions, Titov said. The possibilities of Bitcoin, blockchain and the Internet can bring funding to the Crimea in new ways.
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