Russia's Finance Ministry: Bitcoin may be recognized in 2018

posted about 1 year ago
Russian authorities hope to recognize bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2018 as they seek to enforce rules against illegal transfers, Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev said in an interview. The central bank is developing a joint position together with the government on digital currencies, according to its press service.

“The state needs to know who at every moment of time stands on both sides of the financial chain,” Moiseev said. “If there’s a transaction, the people who facilitate it should understand from whom they bought and to whom they were selling, just like with bank operations.”

Tracking cryptocurrencies could become the latest tool enlisted in the Bank of Russia’s battle against money laundering, which has seen hundreds of lenders lose their licenses over the last three years. The plan to legalize and monitor bitcoin is taking shape as traditional schemes are drying up, with dubious operations such as fake trades and loans used to move money abroad dropping by half to $771 million last year, according to central bank data.
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