Ron Paul: Legalize Bitcoin

posted about 1 year ago
Former Republican congressman Ron Paul says he is all for bitcoin as an alternative currency, as long as everything about the controversial, virtual asset is legal.

The former Republican Congressman from Texas recently reminded CNN that when he was in Congress, he introduced legislation to allow competing currencies because he hates the current system.

“I abhor the system that we have. The official counterfeiters are at the Federal Reserve. That is a big misstep and a big problem. So people should have the right to choose,” the Newsmax Insider says.

“They did originally when money started. Then they picked gold and silver. And the government has taken over and abused that standard and monopolized it. And destroyed it in this country,” said Paul.

“I want to legalize all of those options and what people want to use as money. But no fraud. You can't commit fraud,” the Texas Libertarian told CNN's Michael Smerconish.

Ron Paul is a physician, author, and former Republican congressman. Paul also is a two-time Republican presidential candidate, and the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in the 1988 U.S. presidential election.
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