Privacy focused Bitcoin wallet Wasabi analyzed by Europol in report that cites difficulties in tracking due to mixins

posted 4 months ago
Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, internally presented a report on Wasabi Wallet, a privacy-focused bitcoin wallet, primarily analyzing the wallet’s alleged use for criminal activities. Citing data from Chainalysis, the report says: "Over the last three weeks, BTC in the amount of nearly 50 million USD were deposited into Wasabi with almost 30% coming from dark web markets. This is a significant amount, relatively speaking, given the dark web transactions are estimated to have only 1% share of total transactions.”

The report went on to say that it is difficult to “demix” transactions. “The sheer amount of transactions and uniform output amounts, typically offer too many options of where the funds could have moved. Still, there may be a glimpse of hope if the suspect makes a mistake and decides to group the mixed coins together.” the report said.
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