Poll: Cryptocurrency will make up 5% of US investing in 2019

posted 10 months ago
Traditional investments such as real estate, stocks and government bonds may still be favorites among US investors but crypto is not to be underestimated as it attracted nearly as much interest as ETFs. According to a survey done by The Harris Poll on behalf of the American Institute of CPAs, among the 35% of Americans who currently invest or are planning to do so in 2019, cryptocurrencies will constitute 5% of their investment mix. This compared favorably to exchange-traded funds which will comprise 8% of the portfolios.

According to the same study, close to 50% of adults in the world’s largest economy had little to no understanding of cryptocurrencies. The chairperson of the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission of the AICPA, Greg Anton, offered counsel: “Before Americans invest their hard-earned money, it is important they take control of their financial future and do some research … A well-researched and properly diversified portfolio that matches an investors risk tolerance will give confidence to stay focused on long-term strategy and protect from the temptation to sell during short-term price swings.”
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