NFL players are asking to be paid in Bitcoin

posted about 1 year ago
American football players have recently been saying ‘Pay me in Bitcoin.’ LA Chargers Offensive Tackle, Russell Okung had tweeted “Pay me in Bitcoin.. How dope would it be to see an ESPN headline with an athlete being paid in $BTC?” Crypto-Twitter jumped all over this, giving Okung “so much love” and the tools and information to continue learning.

Okung has been writing pro-Bitcoin tweets regularly. He likened his crypto-awakening to ‘taking the red pill’ and said “I’m part of the revolution. Long $BTC, short the bankers.” Also, NFL Quarterback Matt Barkley said he mines crypto and that he tried to get the San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals to pay his contracts in Bitcoin. Neither would do it. Okung is Vice President of the NFL Players Association, a body which “assures proper recognition and representation of players’ interests.” If anyone can push this call for salaries paid in BTC, he is well positioned to do it.
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