Next Bitcoin software update will be first with SegWit code

posted almost 6 years ago
A forthcoming bitcoin software update will be the first to feature code that could be later activated and included as part of an effort to scale transaction capacity on the BTC blockchain.

Called the "most significant code change" in version 0.13.0, the new code added for Segregated Witness will not activate the change, but rather be the next step in preparing it to be eventually deployed, potentially in version 0.13.1.

The software update is expected to be released in the coming weeks. By adding the code now, Bitcoin Core developers believe Segregated Witness will be smoother and safer when released.

The software release will also include code for other updates, such as fee filtering, which gives nodes a better idea of which peers they should relay transactions to, and compact block relay, which reduces the bandwidth required of blocks when they're disseminated across the network.
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