New study finds 0% success rate for blockchain solutions

posted 8 months ago
A new study into 43 blockchain solutions revealed a 0 percent success rate. 43 implementations of distributed ledger technology were examined & the projects covered a wide variety of tasks. But the team found no evidence of success or even insight gained through the projects. They wrote: We found a proliferation of press releases, white papers, and persuasively written articles. However, we found no documentation or evidence of the results blockchain was purported to have achieved in these claims.

Critics claim that vendors oversell the benefits of blockchain technology and that underneath lies a simple database with scalability issues. Its adoption over other forms of data storage can be based on faith in the vendors’ claims. This does not mean blockchain is without value. The level of interest across many industries is unprecedented as investment grew by 316% in 2018. Though, it remains to be seen if this experiment will bear fruit.
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