New Hampshire is passing legislation to exempt cryptocurrencies from all state regulation

posted over 1 year ago
New Hampshire is passing legislation to completely deregulate cryptocurrencies. House Bill 436 exempts digital currencies from all state regulation.

In 2015, a bill (HB 666) was passed that added cryptocurrency to the “money transmitter” statutes. This caused at least one bitcoin business to cease doing business with customers in New Hampshire.

In 2016 a state house committee to study cryptocurrency was formed. After hearing from multiple NH bitcoiners in the committee meetings, state representative Barbara Biggie stepped up and filed a bill, HB 436, that proposed to repeal NH’s lone statute regulating cryptocurrencies.

Later the commerce committee amended the bill. The amended bill completely exempts from the money transmitter statutes:

"Persons who engage in the business of selling or issuing payment instruments or stored value solely in the form of convertible virtual currency; or receive convertible virtual currency for transmission to another location."

The bill already passed the New Hampshire statehouse by vote of a 185-170.
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