New data shows Bitcoin network surpasses 100,000 full nodes

posted 6 months ago
The total number of Bitcoin nodes has exceeded 100,000 full nodes. 10,000 nodes is popularly quoted but 10,000 is the number of “listening” nodes. The implication of there being more nodes than the reported 10,000 is that the Bitcoin network is more decentralized than previously thought. Sometimes referred to as ‘supernodes,’ listening nodes perform more work on the Bitcoin network than full nodes do. Listening nodes relay large amounts of data to other full nodes in the network, and the expense and hardware requirements of running one is higher than a full node.

In effect, listening nodes make the Bitcoin network more efficient and decentralized by functioning as relay stations. However, full nodes in the Bitcoin network ensure the network’s rules are followed, control the number of bitcoins per block, and prevent double spend attacks etc. So while vital in their operations, listening nodes are relayers of information and are not in principal helping the network maintain consensus, which is the role of a full node.
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