New data shows 6 new Bitcoin ATM’s are built daily

posted 5 months ago
Over the past several months, there has been an increase in the number of Bitcoin ATMs that have been installed; this is according to the data that was provided by Coin ATM Radar.

From the data collected:
As of January 6th 2019, about six bitcoin ATM’s get installed every day.
The total number of crypto ATM’s around the globe is about 4150.
There are 75 countries around the globe that house crypto ATM’s, mostly in the USA, with 2492 locations, Canada with 702 locations, followed by Austria with 267 locations.
There are 42 manufacturers around the globe that are able to produce a crypto ATM.
There are also about 527 Bitcoin ATM operators spread around the world.

The top 3 players manufacuring Bitcoin ATMs in the market are Genesis Coin, General Bytes, & Lamassu. Reportedly, there have not been favorable conditions for these companies in the market, most of the companies have not been able to grow to their potential because of the regulatory uncertainty that exists in the market.
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