New analysis suggests Satoshi Nakamoto was a Londoner

posted about 2 months ago
Thorough research was recently conducted into the whereabouts of Satoshi when he was working on Bitcoin. Regarding the methodology of conducting the research, data was gathered from the following:

- Satoshi’s Bitcointalk account (539 available posts)
- His 34 emails on the cryptography and Bitcoin mailing lists
- His 169 commits on SourceForge
- The metadata from Bitcoin whitepaper versions from 2008 and 2009
- The Genesis block
- Various Wayback Machine archives

The data-driven part of the research focuses on timestamps from Satoshi’s Bitcointalk posts, SourceForge commits, and emails, which represent a total of 742 activity instances from 206 days (not consecutive). This data was compiled in scatter charts in different suspect time zones to see when he was active and when he was not, in an attempt to confirm the location he called home.

Common suspect locations are the UK (GMT), US Eastern (EST), US Pacific (PST), and these three prospects needed further examination. Merging all the 539 Bitcointalk post timestamps with the 169 commit timestamps and the 34 email timestamps gives us an even better picture of Satoshi’s activity pattern. The research concludes the following regarding where Satoshi lived when he was working on Bitcoin – and states “with reasonable confidence, that he was located in London. Put together, his writing style, his activity pattern, and the Genesis block message, blatantly points to the capital of England as the most likely candidate.”
Tags: opinion, bitcoin