Nasdaq: Funderbeam launches blockchain-based trading and investment platform

posted almost 6 years ago
Incubator Funderbeam has launched its innovative trading platform for startups saying it is "the first time in history where startup investments are being traded using blockchain technology."

Funderbeam's goal is to change the game for early stage investors, making it their own choice as to how long they want to hold on to their investments. By using the Bitcoin blockchain to "tokenize" the investments, Funderbeam wants to make trading secure, efficient, open and transparent.

The first two companies to be listed on the new exchange are two Estonian startups. Funderbeam is currently working with interested young companies in the U.K., Germany and Finland to expand its service beyond Estonia.

Funderbeam plans to take a 3 percent commission from successful ventures and may introduce trading fees in the future.
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