Mt. Gox's corporate creditors can now file claims for Bitcoin refunds

posted 10 months ago
The trustee of the long-defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has announced that corporate creditors can now enter claims to claw back trapped Bitcoin through a recently approved rehabilitation process. Nobuaki Kobayashi, attorney-at-law and the rehabilitation trustee for Mt. Gox said in a release on Wednesday that former corporate users of the exchange will have until Oct. 22 to file proof backing up their claims for refunds of crypto assets held by the exchange.

"We have released an online rehabilitation claim filing system ... which allows corporate users to file their proofs of claim by online methods in connection with the civil rehabilitation proceedings," Kobayashi said. The release follows previous news that Mt. Gox's online filing system had been opened up to individual (non-corporate) users on Aug. 23rd 2018. Currently, Jan 24th, 2019 is the next (expected) court date where the trustee's decision will either be approved or rejected by a Tokyo court, therefore everything is subject to future changes.
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