Mt Gox Bitcoin creditors have 4 more days to submit claims

posted 7 months ago
Clients of the long-defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox must submit any claims for trapped funds by Oct. 22nd 2018. The exchange first opened up the claims process in August, following a bankruptcy battle. Creditors are able file for their cryptocurrency holdings, rather than a fiat equivalent based on the cryptocurrency prices in 2014. After the October 22nd deadline passes, Mt. Gox trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi has 3 more months to file a statement of approval or rejection.

According to the statement outlining the civil rehabilitation process: "At this moment, we plan not to accept specific filing of cryptocurrencies other than bitcoins. Instead, we plan to deem bitcoin creditors who have filed a proof of claim for bitcoins have also filed a proof of claims for other cryptocurrencies proportionate to the number of bitcoins filed. We will post the further detailed information on this website."
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