Most American retirees have a negative outlook on Bitcoin according to new survey

posted 4 months ago
A new survey of 1,000 American retirees revealed that the vast majority of them either don't know what Bitcoin is, or are simply not interested in investing in it at this time. Approximately 1/3 of the 1000 respondents over age 55 don't know what Bitcoin is. 56.7% said they are aware of Bitcoin, yet they had no interest in owning it. 3.5% said that they would like to invest, but did not know where to start. 2.7% of respondents to the survey claimed that they already owned some Bitcoin

The survey was launched by Gold IRA Guide, a magazine providing resources for IRA and 401k owners interested in investing in alternative assets such as precious metals, cryptocurrencies, annuities and other asset classes. Head editor at Gold IRA Guides Mark Turner said "Frankly, the results aren't surprising. It just goes to show how much the powers that be at Bitcoin and other cryptos have to educate the elderly about what it is exactly."
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