Microsoft launches beta version of decentralized identification system on top of the Bitcoin blockchain

posted 9 months ago
Microsoft released a beta version of its Identity Overlay Network on top of the Bitcoin blockchain (BTC). A final version could come out this fall. Launched on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain using the Sidetree protocol, ION is an open, permissionless second layer network. The goal of the project is to create decentralized identifications that replace the need to utilize usernames and give each person more control over their data.

The Sidetree protocol makes it possible for unique identifiers to be created, allowing users to manage and control their metadata: Sidetree is a protocol for creating scalable decentralized public key infrastructure (DPKI) networks that can run atop of any existing decentralized ledger system (e.g. Bitcoin) and be as open, public, and permissionless as the underlying ledger they utilize.
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