Member of US Congress proposes blockchain for health fraud

posted about 6 years ago
A member of the US House of Representatives has proposed that the country's administration for veterans affairs use blockchain to track medical appointments.

House Resolution 835, submitted this week, is directly aimed at providing a means for dismissing employees of the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which oversees the distribution of government services to former members of the armed forces.

The bill is tied to a long-simmering controversy surrounding the VA Department and delays in medical treatment for veterans. In 2014 the Obama administration was fiercely criticized after it emerged that some VA staff had manipulated scheduling records to mask the delays.

Now, one member of Congress is looking to blockchain as a possible solution. The proposed amendment, submitted by Representative David Schweikert of Arizona, states:

"Beginning not later than one year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall ensure that veterans seeking health care appointments at medical facilities of the Department are able to use an Internet website, a mobile application, or other similar electronic method to use distributed ledger technology to view such appointments and ascertain whether an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs has modified such appointments."

Schweikert further proposes that the Veterans Affairs Department hire one or more "appropriate entities" to undertake developing the system. The amendment also contains language related to data privacy.
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