Many Singapore mall food courts now accept BTC payments

posted 8 months ago
Kopitiam, the operator of food-courts in many Singapore malls, now accepts payments in Bitcoin. For example, at Funan mall, customers can now order through self-service kiosks, or use Facebook Messenger and order with QR codes located on each table. The KOPItech system cost ~USD $370k to develop in-house.

The CEO said "This group of customers may grow in the future, so this is what we want to attract." Interestingly, conversion from cryptocurrency into fiat will take place on a weekly basis, with Kopitiam bearing the risks of any currency fluctuation. Stallholders will receive payment in Singaporean dollars as usual. If the response to the KOPItech food-court at the Funan mall is positive, Kopitiam will consider rolling BTC payments out to other outlets.
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