Lolli app lets users earn BTC through travel related online shopping

posted 11 months ago
Hundreds of people are now earning Bitcoin by taking vacations purchased through major travel websites. Browser app, Lolli, allows users to earn Bitcoin as a reward for online purchases from companies such as,, Priceline, Hilton and Marriott. Lolli CEO Alex Adelman said travel purchases account now for 40% of sales. “We are leveraging our and partnerships to begin international expansion in the coming months. Canada has been in high demand and we think that’s going to be a great test market for us. That will help us expand to other countries as well.”

He estimated almost half of Lolli’s “tens of thousands” of users are getting Bitcoin for the first time, based on the types of user feedback his team gets. When it comes to trips costing several thousand dollars, including both flights and hotels, some Lolli users have managed to earn more than $100 worth of Bitcoin rewards.
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