Lightning Labs launches monitoring tool for Lightning Network

posted 12 months ago
The Lightning Network is now a bit easier to monitor. Lightning Labs just released a new network analysis tool called “LNdmon” that Bitcoin Lightning Network users can use to pull up data about the state of their node and the rest of the network. Lightning Labs software engineer Valentine Wallace said “As the network has grown over the past year, we’ve noticed gaps in its observability and the need for an easy-to-use tool for routing node operators to manage their nodes.”

The offering features colorful graphs illustrating different aspects of the network, such as network fees or the “channels” a user has opened to send lightning payments. This is useful for users running “lightning nodes,” which users need to set up in order to use the network in the most secure way. Lndmon gives users a more tangible look into what’s going on with their nodes, whether the user is a running a routing node and looking to make a little money or a bitcoin enthusiast who just want to know more about their node and the rest of the network.
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