Ledger sold over 1 million crypto hardware wallets in 2017

posted 7 months ago
Ledger sold over a million physical crypto wallet devices last year across 165 countries, generating sales in excess of €45 million.

Now president Pascal Gauthier is helping the Paris-based company launch a business-to-business crypto wallet, and the first product is already live. The Ledger Vault is a multi-user software product with Nano S-style hardware keys, so everyone in a hedge fund or family office can have access to a single crypto wallet with differing access limitations and requirements (e.g., two physical keys might be needed to make a transaction, or there could be a time delay on certain transactions).

After raising $75 million in January, Ledger is planning to raise more money this year and a source close to the company says Siemens, Samsung and Google have looked at its financials.
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