Large Polish Bitcoin exchange Coinroom exit scams its users out of BTC

posted 12 months ago
Coinroom, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Poland, suddenly closed down its services in April as part of an exit scam that left thousands of customers as victims. Coinroom customers received an email on April 2 stating that the cryptocurrency exchange is terminating their contracts and they have one day to withdraw their funds, and has been "radio silent" ever since. The cryptocurrency exchange failed to return the deposits of numerous customers while others had received only a part of the funds they were storing in their Coinroom wallets.

While the exact losses of the victims remain unclear, the deposits of the testifying customers ranged between PLN 300 ($79) and PLN 60,000 ($15,660). One user stated that Coinroom failed to refund his 2.005 BTC deposit even after the customer received a withdrawal confirmation from the exchange on April 3.
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