JP Morgan: Unlocking economic advantages with Blockchain

posted almost 6 years ago
A new report , released on 13th July, from JPMorgan Chase and Oliver Wyman shows that blockchain technology presents an opportunity for asset managers.

Blockchain can help asset managers tackle many of the challenges they face today: managing data; providing solutions, not just products; and providing continuing service value to clients in a changing competitive landscape.

Asset managers can achieve material cost benefits across front-, middle- and back-office activities through a reduction in data manipulation, the decommissioning of legacy infrastructure and lower frictional costs of investment.

Revenue opportunities will grow out of the improved data sources, greater liquidity and lower frictional costs fostered by blockchain. Asset managers will be able to serve clients in new ways, for example, with real-time reporting or alternate trading strategies.

Moreover, end investors may be the greatest beneficiaries, as asset managers and other providers compete by offering improved propositions and passing on savings.

The report encourages financial companies to start exploring blockchain solutions and suggest that there will three development waves - from 2016 to 2030.
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