Japanese startup Nayuta launches Android Lightning wallet with Bitcoin full node capability

posted 7 months ago
Japan-based startup Nayuta released what it says is the first lightning network wallet with a built-in bitcoin "full node." They use a fork of the project ABCore, which makes it easier to run a full node on Android devices. "Using a full node is the only way to really know if you received bitcoin, if you don't use a full node you are always trusting somebody to a degree, whether that would be the wallet company's node or the miners," said Christian Moss, Nayuta's mobile app developer.

Full nodes can take hours to download, but they're the most secure way of using bitcoin as the user doesn't have to trust anyone to ensure they have the correct transaction data. "For day-to-day, it is definitely more convenient and practical to use the wallet without the full node. However it is important to have the full node available in case...miners producing invalid blocks," Moss said.
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