Japanese Energy company Remix Point accepts bitcoin payments

posted 12 months ago
Remix Point, a Japanese company engaged in a number of energy-related businesses, has recently launched a new electricity service with bitcoin payments integrated to serve customers all over Japan. The company is now offering customers who pay with bitcoin a discount on their electricity bills. Bitcoin payments are processed by the company’s cryptocurrency exchange subsidiary, Bitpoint.

In its announcement, Remix Point stated that its target customers are corporations and retailers, citing tough competition for ordinary households. “Low-voltage customers in the retail electric power market have small electricity bills compared to high-voltage customers,” the company detailed, noting that the savings are minimal when additional costs such as “invoicing and transfer fees” are included.

The company, therefore, opened an account at Bitpoint to enable customers to pay with bitcoin and save on fees.

According to reports, customers can save up to 3 percent in fees using this option. The company added:
"We will promote the spread of virtual currency settlement in Japan by developing payment services that take advantage of … virtual currencies."
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