Holland & Knight attorneys released book on blockchain and law

posted over 2 years ago
Holland & Knight announced today that "The Blockchain: A Guide for Legal and Business Professionals", authored by three members of the firm's blockchain practice, has just been released by Thomson Reuters. It is the first-ever book on blockchain technology and the law.

The new book offers insight to those with no prior experience with blockchain, as well as to those who have more comprehensive knowledge, covering key topics such as:

- How the technology has evolved from its origin;
- What blockchain technology does well, and what it doesn't do well;
- How and when blockchain technology will be fully utilized;
- The legal and regulatory implications of blockchain;

"The Blockchain: A Guide for Legal and Business Professionals" also includes concrete, real world examples of how the technology can be used in different industries.

For example, it highlights how the blockchain is the perfect vehicle to maintain real estate records because distributed ledgers are especially good at maintaining ownership records for assets that can be easily tokenized.

The book then goes on to explain that once these records are on the blockchain, a parcel of real estate could be transferred with the same level of simplicity as ordering a pizza on a smart phone.
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