Grayscale survey: 1/3 of American investors consider buying Bitcoin

posted 12 months ago
A recent survey by crypto asset manager Grayscale was conducted, asking 1,100 Americans between ages 25 and 64 about their sentiment towards, and investments in Bitcoin. 21 million investors in the US are considering investing in Bitcoin, although a number of concerns are still keeping them from diving into the market. 36% of Americans are interested in buying Bitcoin, but issues such as hacks and lack of regulation are keeping cryptocurrencies from reaching a broader audience. 75% of all investors and 68% of those interested in investing in Bitcoin say crime is their paramount fear.

What bitcoiners look like:
Despite bitcoiners being associated with America’s youth, most interested investors are parents. Bitcoin-interested investors are often middle-aged, middle-class and suburban, and most (70%) are parents and nearly half (49%) make less than $100,000 per year, Grayscale said. They are also slightly more experienced and risk-tolerant than average investors. Bitcoin’s growth potential and scarcity (limited supply of 21 million units) were noted as appealing factors.
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