Grant of $150k awarded to Bitcoin developer marks another step forward

posted 3 months ago
Two major global crypto exchanges announced a joint $150,000 grant toward bitcoin development today in what represents another step forward for the industry. The equally matched grants of OKCoin and BitMEX are one of the first major private funding partnerships directly supporting bitcoin. The grant will be given in twelve monthly installments to Amiti Uttarwar, a software engineer who has a history in the bitcoin development space and in an open-source grant template.

Previously a software engineer at Coinbase, Amiti took time off to attend the prestigious and highly-regarded Chaincode Residency. The residency is run by Chaincode Labs, one of the premier research and development firms in crypto and has been a training ground for some of the top talent in the bitcoin development space. Fellow 2019 Chaincode Residency alumnus Fabian Jahr was the recipient of a similar previous grant by OKCoin. Amiti’s reputation for gritty technical achievement followed her post-residency to Xapo, where she worked as a bitcoin developer full-time.
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