Global puzzle game “Satoshi’s Treasure” offers $1M Bitcoin prize to winner

posted over 2 years ago
A new alternate reality game called Satoshi’s Treasure hid the keys to $1 million worth of Bitcoin across the globe, forcing players to collaborate and improvise. The keys to the Bitcoin wallet were divided into 1,000 fragments, requiring a minimum of 400 key fragments to move funds. Players can collect and unravel clues any way they want, even by selling leads.

The game itself has no rules. Primitive Ventures co-founder Eric Meltzer, the game’s co-creator said “Forget about the rules, just go goddamn play.” Notably, no single person knows the schedule or location of all the clues or keys. Puzzles are both online and offline. “There are some clues that are very scavenger hunt-y, and clues where it’s purely logic puzzles or math problems,” Meltzer said, adding that the end result will numerically yield a key fragment. The first clue, points users in the direction of the Blockstream satellite, which broadcasts data related to Bitcoin.
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