Global Advisors names ETF industry veteran as managing director of Bitcoin ETN issuer

posted over 1 year ago
Global Advisors (Jersey) is announcing ETF industry veteran, Laurent Kssis, as interim managing director of XBT Provider AB: issuer of world`s only publicly listed bitcoin Exchange Traded Note (ETN).

Kssis joins XBT Provider as demand for bitcoin-based financial products, especially ETFs, is at all-time highs. Global Advisors sees underserved demand in key markets globally and intends to capture it with a series of products slated for 2017 and 2018. Kssis will be integral in this pursuit.

Kssis, a 15-year veteran of the ETF industry is known for work with leaders in the industry such as HVB/Indexchange, SocGen/Lyxor, and State Street Bank among others. Kssis is joining Global Advisors` XBT Provider AB subsidiary as Managing Director and Head of Product Development for the ETN business.

Global Advisors is increasingly pursuing explosive demand for traditional investment vehicles in the emerging digital asset space. Notably, in late 2016, Global Advisors completed the acquisition of XBT Provider AB, a Swedish domiciled issuer of the worlds` only Exchange Traded Notes which track the price of bitcoin. XBT Providers` Bitcoin Tracker One (COINXBT:SS) and Bitcoin Tracker Euro (COINXBE:SS) marked the first publicly listed bitcoin products in the Global Advisors product family.

In December 2016, Global Advisors added a third product, with the public listing of their then 2-year-old bitcoin investment fund, (GABI) on TISE.
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